Using Trade Alerts
  • 25 Nov 2023
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Using Trade Alerts

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What are Trade Alerts?

The QuantDirection Platform does the hard work of crunching the numbers to reveal the price patterns that repeat with high consistency.
Our Trade Alerts synthesize all of this data and deliver actionable information on the probabilities of expected price moves over certain time periods. All Trade Alerts are sent via email and/or SMS and also are visible as weekly reports visible from your Dashboard.

Trade Alerts have been enhanced in QuantDirection Platform v3.0. Now a default alert package is available with a simple set-up process that takes less than 30 seconds. In addition, there is more actionable information available for each Alert Signal, with trade strategy and specific guidance for Stocks, Options and Futures trades.

Trade Alerts include information on:

At a glance you can see the current price level, what price level the stock is expected to move to, and the timeframe that the move is expected to occur.

Alert Details drill down further to get more details like the price percentage of the move, and its probability, as well as the price levels to enter and exit the trade.

For each Trade Alert you can drill down further to get Trade strategy ideas for either buying & selling the stock, and for credit spreads, and naked calls & puts, and futures, including, the entry and exit prices, and for options the contract strike price and contract length.

For general information about Trade Alerts 3.0 please view this video.

Setting up Trade Alerts

There are three ways to set up Trade Alerts:

  1. Express Set-up
  2. Profile Set-up
  3. By Individual Alert
    To receive Trade Alerts you always must opt in for them.

Express Set-up

New subscribers can opt in and set up default alerts during the sign-up process.
Existing subscribers can set up the default alert packages with Express set-up by clicking on the link on your Dashboard
Express Set up.png

Profile Set-Up

With Profile Set-up you give us the parameters for the types of trade alerts that suit you best.
You can select by the following parameters:
• Your trading style
• How long you prefer to hold your trades
• The indices you like to trade
• Trade instruments you use (i.e. stock, options, spreads, etc.)
• Any particular days of the week you prefer
• Minimum & maximum probability levels

To make multiple selections, hold down the Ctrl or Command key when selecting. Once you make your choices you will be asked to accept those selections and confirm our service terms.
Trade alerts with price direction will be sent as soon as the same trading day. To learn more about using Profle Set-up see 'How to Add Trade Alerts'

Setting Indidual Alerts

When using Advanced Search you may select a single price condition to see details.
Advanced Search Details link.png

Click the checkbox 'Create Alert' and then click on 'Submit' to save this alert in your Alert Queue. The Alert Preferences you have selected will apply to this alert. You can modify those preferences for this alert by going to Manage Alerts.
Create Alert from Search Detail.png

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