Release v3.8 What's Inside
  • 15 May 2024
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Release v3.8 What's Inside

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Release Date: May 15th, 2024
Objectives: (1) Give users greater visibility into the realtime status of every Trade Alert and notify when targets are reached; (2) Optimize the performance of Trade Alerts and Performance Reports.
Trade Alert Report Enhancements

  1. Trade Alert Status Updates:  Each Trade Alert now displays Alert Status in the Trade Alert Report, including when the Trade Alert is active, when the target is reached, and when the Trade Alert is no longer active. The Alert Status displays 'Active' when issued, and automatically updates to 'Target Reached' or 'Expired' as appropriate. The Alert Report designates in the new 'Status Change' column the date and time of the status change. These changes will only affect Alert Status for Trade Alerts issued after the v3.8 Release Date.

Trade Alert Report Alert Status Columns
2. Filter Trade Alert Report:  Users can filter the Trade Alert report to view all 'Active', 'Target Reached', or 'Expired' Alerts.

Trade Alert Report Alert Status Filtering.png

  1. Extended Trade Alert History:  Trade Alerts displayed on the Trade Alert Report now show users Alerts received up to 60 days in the past.
  2. Custom Date Range Search:  Users can search the Trade Alert report by a custom date range.
  3. Trade Period Filtering:  Users can filter Trade Alerts received by Trade Period using a multi-select feature by holding down the 'Ctrl' key and clicking selections for Intraday, One Day, Multiday, Trading Week, and Multiweek.
    Trade Alert Notifications

Alert Target Reached Notifications:  In addition to indicators on your Trade Alert Report, Email & SMS notifications are sent when Alert Targets are reached. These notifications are subject to your default settings for each existing price condition (i.e., if you select email but not SMS alerts, only an email will be sent).
Target Reached Email

Target Reached SMS
Trade Alert Speed Enhancements

Optimized Trade Alerts at Market Open and Close:  Trade Alerts at Market Open and Close have been optimized to send faster. All alerts at market open are sent within the first minute, and all alerts at Market Close are sent within the first two minutes. The highest volatility symbols are sent first at market open, usually all within 15 seconds of market open. Users may experience delays depending on their device, mail client, and network service.

Performance Report Speed Enhancements

Improved Performance Reports Load Time:  Performance Reports (Beta) have been optimized to load faster, with load time improved by 75%.
Note:  All prior features of the Trade Alert Report and Performance Report remain in place.

Bug Fixes
Duplicate Price Condition records were removed from Search.

Additional Notes
All prior features of the Trade Alert Report and Performance Report remain in place. Status Notifications will appear on all alerts after the release date of May 15, 2024.  No user set up is required. Notifications on Alert Status change shall be used for informational purposes only. It is recommended that Users set price level alerts and Limit Orders with their Broker to protect their positions. Use of Alert Status change is subject to the QuantDirection Terms & Conditions posted on our website.

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