Platform Release v3.5 What's Inside?
  • 19 Jan 2024
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Platform Release v3.5 What's Inside?

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Article Summary

Release Notes: Platform v3.5

Date: January 20, 2024

New Features & Enhancements

1. Introduction of Dashboard Lite

  • Two Dashboard Options: Platform v3.5 introduces 'Dashboard Lite' alongside the existing 'Dashboard Pro'. Users now have the flexibility to choose between these two dashboards based on their needs and expertise.
  • Intuitive Workflow with Dashboard Lite: Designed specifically for ease of use, Dashboard Lite offers a more intuitive workflow, making it ideal for first-time and exclusively mobile users.
  • Efficiency with Dashboard Pro: For our more experienced users, Dashboard Pro continues to offer enhanced efficiency and advanced features.
  • Default Dashboard for New Users: Post-release, all new account creations will default to Dashboard Lite, offering a smoother onboarding experience.
  • Switch Dashboards Easily: Users can effortlessly switch between Dashboard Lite and Dashboard Pro at any time. A simple click on the link in the menu of their current dashboard will toggle the view.
  • Customizable Default Dashboard: Preferences in user settings now include an option to set the default dashboard, allowing users to choose which dashboard loads on login.

2. Alert Performance Feature (Beta)

  • Performance Detail Report: This new audit feature reports on each unique alert you have received, comparing the projected probability provided in the alert with actual results over various timeframes (last week, last four weeks, and last eight weeks). It displays the percentage attainment, and a comparison of actual vs projected, counting any equal or greater than projected results as 100%. Alert Count: The number of alerts received in each period is also displayed, giving users a comprehensive view of their alert history and performance.
  • Performance Summary Chart: This aggregated chart computes and displays the overall average actual vs projected attainment for all received alerts, broken down by symbol and timeframe (seven, thirty, and sixty days).

Nomenclature Changes

The following language changes have been made:

  • Advanced Search is now simply Search.
  • My Dashboard has been renamed to either Dashboard Pro or Dashboard Lite, depending on the user's selection.
  • Support Center is now known as Support.

About This Release

Platform v3.5 marks a significant step in enhancing user experience and offering valuable insights through new features like Dashboard Lite and the Alert Performance tool. These advancements are part of our ongoing commitment to provide a more intuitive and efficient platform for all our subscribers.

For any questions or feedback, please visit our newly named Support section or email us at

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